New project on edge computing

The project "WMD - Where's My Data? Managing Data in Edge Computing Environments" was funded by the Academy of Finland in the ICT 2023 program. The project runs from 1.1.2018 until 31.12.2019.

In the “Where’s My Data?” (WMD) project we investigate distributed data management in edge computing environments, targeting Industrial Internet applications. We have two key objectives in the project. First, we strive to obtain fundamental understanding on the inherent tradeoffs between various data management and placement options in edge computing, and develop appropriate methods for managing the data. Of particular interest to us are the tradeoff between accuracy and latency, as well as the role of centralized cloud computing components in the system. Second, using two Industrial Internet application scenarios, we validate our data management methods by mapping them onto their requirements and perform successive iterations to improve the methods. Our goal is to obtain an understanding of what data management methods are sufficiently generic to be used by any Industrial Internet edge computing application and which methods need specific tailoring to a particular scenario. Our results will also give insight into what kinds of edge and cloud computing architectures are most suita- ble for Industrial Internet and other similar applications.