Medix Prize of the Minerva Foundation awarded to Timo Otonkoski’s group

The Medix Prize of the Minerva Foundation 2023 has been awarded to a breakthrough study in stem cell and diabetes research.

The study entitled Functional, metabolic and transcriptional maturation of human pancreatic islets derived from stem cells by Diego Balboa, Tom Barsby, Väinö Lithovius and co-authors was published last year in the journal Nature Biotechnology. The study was led by Professor Timo Otonkoski.

The Medix Prize is awarded annually for excellent Finnish scientific research published as one article during the previous year. The research is to be in the fields of biomedicine or clinical medicine and performed fully or in its essential parts in Finland.

The award lecture, Generation of fully functional pancreatic islets from stem cells, was given by Timo Otonkoski on September 11th 2023.

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