For the media

Our researchers are happy to participate in public debates on consumption and consumer society.

You can contact the right researcher directly by using the keywords listed below.

Visa Heinonen

Professor, +358 50 415 1228, visa.heinonen(at)

Consumer economics, research of the consumer society, history of consumption and advertising

Mikko Jauho

University researcher, +358 50 574 4869, mikko.jauho(at)

Health perceptions (incl. healthy eating), alternative diets, novel foods, risk perceptions, expert/layperson relations, political consumption

Ilja Kavonius

University researcher, +358 50 556 0486,

Measurement of economy and welfare, wealth, indebtedness, income and saving

Mika Pantzar

Professor, +358 400 490 791, mika.pantzar(at)

Data economy, the future and history of consumption, taming of technology

Essi Pöyry

University researcher, +358 50 322 3298, essi.poyry(at)

Consumer purchase decisions, social media, digital services, consumer influences, e-commerce

Petteri Repo

Research Director, +358 400 737 968, petteri.repo(at)

Politics of consumption, novelty, sustainable consumption, consumer matters in general.

Mikko Rask

University researcher, + 358 50 3222 012, mikko.rask(at)

Participatory planning and decision making, democratic innovations, evaluation of participation

Jenny Rinkinen

Postdoctoral researcher, +358 50 472 9386, jenny.rinkinen(at)

Sustainable consumption, energy consumption, change in practices and consumption, consumer skills, technology in everyday life

Päivi Timonen

Research Director. +358 50 343 3138, paivi.timonen(at)

Politicization of consumption, saving, changing markets, sustainable consumption

Pekka Tuominen

Postdoctoral researcher. pekka.tuominen(at)

Urban change, resident participation, marginalization, ethnography

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