Visit of Professor Takaya Kawamura from the Graduate School of Business, Osaka City University, Japan

September 20, 2017

Kawamura’s work focuses on the development of a health and social care executive MBA program, training professionals (medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and social workers) and managers in this sector. The program fosters expansive learning and transformative agency with the help of art workshops using for instance music or drama. While degenerating neoliberal tendencies and pervasive alienating management orientations often lead to loss of meaning and direction among professionals, these workshops trigger collective creative thinking and doing to develop novel professional visions for the future.  Kawamura’s key publications include:

-Kawamura, T. (2009). Activity theory as a methodology of knowledge management. Journal of Information and Management, 29(2), 36-51.

-Kawamura, T. (2007). Managing networks of communities of practice for organizational knowledge creation A Knowledge Management imperative in the era of globalization. Annals of Telecommunications, 62(7), 734-752.

-Kawamura, T. (2006). A community of practice approach to the knowledge management of healthcare organizations. Osaka City University Business Review, 17, 1-9.