Small action, big world

In the research project "In Search for Significance" we seek to identify and test ways in which adolescents can find and cultivate significance in their lives, understood as perspectives and actions that connect the adolescents’ personal interests with activities and projects for a just and equitable world.

In the research project “In Search for Significance” funded by the Academy of Finland, adolescent students have worked in a Change Laboratory on projects they found significant for themselves. Five different projects were completed in the Change Laboratory in a public school in Helsinki. One group chose the topic “Small action, big world” and decided to create a booklet that shows how even small words and actions can have impact.

The text and the pictures of the booklet, based on a questionnaire survey conducted among the students of the school, were selected and created by Rania Al-Mafrachi and Riitu Kivisaari. The layout and visual realisation of the booklet were done in collaboration with the graphic artist Mika Launis

Booklet: "Pieni teko, iso mailma" (Small action, big world) in Finnish.