Presentation by Professor Harry Daniels and the OSAT team from University of Oxford, UK

CRADLE research seminar, 14.12.2017

Professor Daniels and collegues presented accounts of four strands of work within the Oxford Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research (OSAT):

1. Drama and disadvantage. This project is concerned with the ways in which drama can provide an opportunity for  disadvantaged young people within a setting in which they can reflect upon and transform their ways of being in schools and the wider community. 

2. Collaboration between teachers. This series of projects explored the ways in which social networks between teachers offering support for working with disadvantaged young people vary between schools and impact on the outcomes of education for those deemed most vulnerable. We also discuss the implications for the practices of individual teachers of central or peripheral positions in such networks.

3. Exclusion from school. We discuss the differentials in rates of exclusion across the four constituent nations of the UK and the possible cultural and historical influences on these differentials.

4. School design. We discuss ways in which one design may be used and experienced differently. This is a study of school designs as mediating artefacts  in different forms of school practice.


(CRADLE is affiliated with the Expert Group Learning, Culture and Interventions at the Faculty of Educational Sciences)