Miettinen's course on cultural-historical activity theory at University of São Paulo, Brazil

October, 2017

Reijo Miettinen visited University of São Paulo, Brazil where he gave a two-day course on basic concepts of cultural-historical activity theory. This two-day course was the conceptual component of a Change Laboratory course led by Jaakko Virkkunen.

In the top row from right to left, the photo depicts the hosts, Professor Rodolfo Vilela (University of São Paulo) and Professor Ildeberto Muniz de Almeida (São Paulo State University - UNESP, School of Medicine of Botucatu). In the second row from the top the second person from the right is Professor Adriane Cenci (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte). All these three colleagues are CRADLE alumni: Ildeberto spent two months at CRADLE in 2012, Rodolfo came for three months in 2013 and Adriane for six months in 2015.