"Everyone should be accepted as one is"

In the research project "In Search for Significance" we seek to identify and test ways in which adolescents can find and cultivate significance in their lives, understood as perspectives and actions that connect the adolescents’ personal interests with activities and projects for a just and equitable world

In the research project “In Search for Significance” funded by the Academy of Finland, adolescent students have worked in a Change Laboratory on projects they found significant for themselves. Five different projects were completed in the Change Laboratory in a public school in Helsinki. One group chose the topic "Everyone should be accepted as one is” and decided to create a documentary film that deals with themes important for the group: equality, bullying and mutual acceptance.

The product of the work conducted in the school year 2020-21 is a film with the same title as the group’s project. The contents of the documentary have been created by Marie Mbella Bisong, Hilma Kankkunen, Eemeli Kuusinen and Amina Qasim. The documentary film maker Pia Asikainen, Amazing Asku oy played a key role the final realization of the film.

Documentary film: Everyone should be accepted as one is (subtitles in English).