Article by Monica Ferreira Lemos & Fernando Rezende da Cunha Jùnior
“Facebook in Brazilian Schools: Mobilizing to Fight Back” published in Mind, Culture, and Activity

Bibliographical reference:

Lemos, M. F., & da Cunha Júnior, F. R. (2017). Facebook in Brazilian Schools: Mobilizing to Fight Back. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 1-15.


In this article, we analyse how students used social media as a form of human–technology interaction for the organization, development, and expansion of activities in 4 social movements in Brazil. We analysed 122 Facebook pages maintained by the Four Movements using the cultural-historical activity theory framework and focused on the notion of collaborative agency in the development of the movements. We performed a qualitative analysis of this data to understand both how the movements developed and the results that the students obtained. Our findings suggest that by acting collaboratively, students expanded activities to other contexts.