Herein, you can find schedules for guest lectures, research seminars in which we participate, and courses lectured by Prof.

Timo Repo and Luc Charbonneau.

CatLab group seminars

Group seminars are virtual every Wednesday at 15:15.

Subgroup seminars are ones a week. 


Courses lectured by Prof. Timo Repo

  • Organometallic compounds as catalysts / Organometalliyhdisteet katalyytteinä (3 cr/op)
  • Combinatorial chemistry / Kombinatoriallinen kemia (3 cr/op)
  • Green chemistry: renewable raw materials and sustainable energy / Vihreä kemia: uusiutuvat raaka-aineet ja kestävä energia (4 cr/op)
  • Basic organometallic chemistry / Organometallien kemian perusteet (3 cr/op)

Courses lectured by Luc Charbonneau

  • Flow Chemistry: Principles and Applications (5 cr/op)
Guest lectures

Upcoming guest lectures:

  • No upcoming guest lectures at this time.

Past guest lectures:

  • 27.9.2018 Prof. Troels Skrydstrup (Aarhus University) : "New Directions in Transition Metal Catalyzed Carbonylation Chemistry"
  • 28.6.2018 Prof. Mark Muldoon (Queen's University Belfast) : "Oxidation catalysis"
  • 19.6.2017 Prof. Ola F. Wendt (Lund University) : "C–H activation and functionalisation using late transition metals."
  • 23.5.2017 Dr. Dominique Agustin (Université de Toulouse) : "Organic-solvent-free epoxidation catalyzed by oxometallic coordination complexes"