Summer greeting from the Boreal Trees team

Summer greetings from the Boreal Trees team. We were celebrating the summer and a successful winter measurement season at Turku archipelago in a good company.

Our snow removal experiment at the Hyytiälä research station have been ongoing for one winter now and we have some interesting first results. The snow shelters were removed for the growing season and the trees are growing fast at the moment. The experiment will continue for another winter.

Gonzalo de Quesada is continuing his experiment in the greenhouses during the summer. He is growing pine seedlings that have been inoculated with different mychhoriza species, and studies how the mycchoriza helps them survive and recover from drought. The greenhouses are hot at the moment, so we wish Gonzalo some cool results ;) He will also do some field work during the summer, including tree and soil measurements from thinned and control boreal forest sites.