Boreal trees research group.


Anna Lintunen

Team leader Anna Lintunen

Adjunct professor (dosentti) in Tree Ecophysiology

I study tree structure and function, and especially the water transport processes within the tree and the challenges these processes face in different environments. My special interest is on freezing behavior of wood and tree winter physiology.

ORCID: 0000-0002-1077-0784

More information in research database TUHAT

Lauri Lindfors

Post-doc Lauri Lindfors

Studies how changes in winter time and early spring temperatures and snow cover affect tree physiology.

Funding from the University 3 years research grant.

I study the effect of freezing and drought stress on trees. I am especially interested in studying tree diameter changes (in micrometer-scale) as a response to these stresses. In a current project, I study how changes in winter time and early spring temperatures and snow cover affect tree physiology.

More information in research database TUHAT

Beñat Olascoaga

Postdoctoral researcher Beñat Olascoaga

I study ecosystem services (e.g., carbon sequestration, provisioning of habitats and pollination) and biodiversity associated with urban greenspace at the boreal context. I am interested in enhancing the existing biodiversity and ecosystem service capacity of urban greenspace (e.g., urban forests, allotment gardens and amenity grasslands), as well as in the public attitude towards potential greenspace transformation

Gonzalo de Quesada

PhD student Gonzalo de Quesada

I Study how tree physiology and tree-soil interactions change under different forest management treatments. In particular, I am interested in the effects of thinning on forest water and carbon balance.

Currently, I am collecting tree gas exchange, water potential, and soil moisture data, in addition to conducting a litter decomposition and root turnover experiment in two recently thinned forest stands with different soil conditions. 

PhD supervisors Anna Lintunen, Yann Salmon and Jussi Heinonsalo.

Magdalena Held

PhD student Magdalena Held

I want to know, how trees can acclimate to drought and to gain new insight into tree hydraulic architecture. Therefore, I study xylem traits, especially pits, as well as phloem traits in trees grown on sites with different water availability. Also, I aim to understand better how structure and function are coupled and will combine hydraulic and anatomical measurements.

PhD supervisors Anna Lintunen and Tuula Jyske (Natural Resources Institute Finland, Luke)