Bioinformatics afternoon

We are organizing a monthly seminar "Bioinformatics afternoon" across three campuses of the University of Helsinki. The usual duration is two hours, split as follows: long talk (45 minutes), 30 minutes of socializing with snacks and drinks, short talk (30 minutes). 

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January 20, 2020 - Kumpula

Time and place: 14.15 - 16.00, Exactum D122

  • Brendan Mumey (Gianforte School of Computing, Montana State University): Inexact Flows for RNA Transcript Assembly and Finding Pangenomic Haplotype Blocks (14.15 - 15.00)
  • Jarno Alanko (Department of Computer Science, UH): Themisto: Practical pseudoalignment for metapangenomics in small space (15.30 - 16.00)

December 16, 2019 - Viikki

Time and place: Monday 16th of December, 14-16,  Biocenter 2, 2nd floor room 2012,  Viikki. 

  • Ari Löytynoja (Institute of Biotechnology, UH): Too large to detect? Analyses of template switch mutations using short-read data (14.15 - 15.00)
  • Tommi Mäklin (Department of Computer Science, UH): Bacterial lineage identification from plate sweep sequencing data (15.30 - 16.00)

ADDITIONAL SHORT MEETING: December 2, 2019 - Kumpula

Time and place: 14.15 - 14.45, Exactum C222. This is a 30-minute presentation with a strong Computer Science focus.

  • Edin Husić (London School of Economics): Reconstructing perfect phylogenies via branchings in DAGs (14.15 - 14.45)

November 18, 2019 - Meilahti

Time and place: 15.15 - 17.00, Biomedicum 1, Seminar room 3

  • Chris Illingworth (Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge): The bioinformatics of short-read viral sequence data
  • Jing Tang (Faculty of Medicine, UH): Making sense of functional precision medicine with mathematical and statistical models

October 21, 2019 - Kumpula

Time and place: 14.15 - 16.00, Exactum, B222

  • Kristoffer Sahlin (Department of Computer Science, UH): Computational methods for analysis of genome and transcriptome sequencing data (14.15 - 15.00)
  • Esa Pitkänen (Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland): Modeling somatic mutagenesis in cancer with deep neural networks (15.30 - 16.00)

Future events

February 2020 - Meilahti

Time and place: TBD

March 2020 - Viikki

Time and place: TBD

April 2020 - Kumpula

Time and place: TBD

May 2020 - Meilahti

Time and place: TBD

June 2020 - Viikki

Time and place: TBD

If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact the local organizers in one of the campuses: