Let's Move It Closing Seminar

The event was held at Think Corner (Tiedekulma) Stage on Monday 4th of February 2019

The Let’s Move It research project investigated a school-based intervention to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour. This closing seminar showcased the findings of this research and their implications for practice: practical strategies, strengths and limitations of the research, and lessons learned.

The event attracted more than 100 participants. Thank you to each and every one of you for attending!

Talks shed light on e.g.:

  • Methods of developing theory- and evidence-based behaviour change interventions
  • Why do interventions work (or not)? Psychological and social processes of behaviour change
  • Novel methods for evaluation of complex interventions
  • and much more!

Seminar recording

The recording is available on our YouTube channel.

The seminar presentation slides can be found as downloadable PDF files from a Google Drive Folder.


00:00:00 Nelli Hankonen: Background, phased development & content of the Let’s Move It intervention

01:05:07 Keegan Knittle: Building habits for promoting active classrooms: Evaluating the Let's Move It intervention for teachers

01:24:33 Nelli Hankonen: Qualitative process evaluation: What inspires youth to get physically active?

01:36:23 Elina Renko: Using planning as a behaviour change strategy: Why and why not? Analysis of participant interviews

01:57:05 Matti Heino: Lessons from quantitative evaluation of the Let’s Move It intervention, and avenues for studying intervention processes

02:20:49 Nelli Hankonen: Processes and effectiveness of the Let’s Move It

02:38:27 Commentary: Director, Prof. Tommi Vasankari

02:44:19 Elina Renko: Let’s Move It Key Project - How have the best parts of LMI been further developed and disseminated?

02:58:22 Commentary: Prof. Taru Lintunen

Other materials

You can find the full list of scientific publications on our website, the research materials on the Open Science Framework, and the intervention materials on the www.letsmoveit.fi website.

Past events: In May, we held a seminar for physical activity promotion practitioners and professionals in Finnish. Materials and talks can be found here.