Videos of the AMME Seminar on Digital Analysis of Ancient Texts

Ellie Bennett (University of Helsinki) and István Czachesz (Arctic University of Norway) spoke about using modern technologies in researching ancient texts in the most recent AMME Seminar. Both researchers use similar methods for researching quite different topics.

Ellie Bennett’s presentation was titled  “Using Networks to Investigate Semantics of Masculinities During the Neo-Assyrian Period”. The  focus of her speech was what can the networks of certain words tell us about different categories of masculinity. In the research she uses methods developed by The Semantic Domains Team at University of Helsinki and the theories of multiple masculinities by R.W. Connell. You can learn more about Eleanor Bennett’s research on the post she wrote few weeks ago, and of course from this video of her AMME speech.

“Network Analysis of Biblical Texts: Examples from the New Testament” was the title of István Czachesz’s speech. He uses  the methods network analysis for trying to find the center of the Bible. The research is still in progress, but Czachesz already presented some preliminary results. The centrality of verses, or groups of verses, is determined by calculating their centrality in the network. The more central a verse is the more it is connected to other verses of the Bible. Some of the results of this method provided were quite surprising, for example the Book of Revelation was quite central in these preliminary results. Listen the whole presentation from the video below.

The next AMME Seminar will take place on 5th of November and the topic of the evening is Cultural Encounters.