AMME Sem­inar on November 5th: Cultural Encounters

The topic of the Ancient and Medieval Middle East seminar in November is “Cultural Encounters”.

Our speakers are:  

  • Prof. dr. Helen Dixon (East Carolina University): "Phoenicians Abroad: Diaspora communities and trade-based encounters in the first millennium BCE" 
  • dr. Céline Debourse (University of Vienna): “Between Real and Ideal: The Babylonian New Year Festival in Text and History”

The session takes place on Thursday 5 November at 4:15-6 pm EET time (UTC/GMT +2 hours [ for example London: 2:15 pm], CET + 1 hour [for example Vienna: 3:15 pm], EDT  - 7 hours [for example Greenville SC USA,  or Boston MA USA: 9:00 am]) via Zoom (, Meeting ID: 610 2224 0933.