How to Build an Ethically Sustainable Exhibition for the National Museum

The Ancient Near East was discussed in three episodes of the Lähi-itä NYT (Middle East NOW) podcast. The possession and exhibition of the unique treasures from the ancient Near East found in Finland are discussed in the third episode of the podcast from the perspectives of colonialism, orientalism and nationalism.

In this episode of the podcast the former director of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East (FIME), Raija Mattila discusses the making of the National Museum exhibition “Exploring the Ancient Near East” with ANEE's researchers Rick Bonnie and Sanna Saari and project researcher Yasmin Ibrahim from the Making Home Abroad project. You can see the end results of the making of an ethically sustainable exhibition in the National Museum of Finland until 4th of September, and after that in the Museum of Central Finland.

The first two episodes of the podcast, co-produced by ANEE and FIME, are produced in Finnish. In the first episode ANEE's director Saana Svärd and researcher Joanna Töyräänvuori discussed their book "Muinaisen Lähi-idän imperiumit – Kadonneiden suurvaltojen kukoistus ja tuho" (Empires of the Ancient Middle East - The Prosperity and Destruction of the Lost Great Powers), published in the spring. In the second episode ANEE's researcher Aleksi Sahala and doctoral researcher in the Doctoral Programme in Language Studies Jouni Harjumäki discussed the recently published Akkadian textbook "Johdatus akkadin kieleen" (Introduction to the Akkadian language), and the teaching of ancient Middle Eastern languages in Finland.

Listen to the third episode of the podcast Lähi-itä NYT.