CAMEOS objectives are based on a risk assessment of crop and rangeland phenology for food supply.
  1. Define the baseline risks for food supply using historic and present datasets.
  2. Implement new EO data and methods to improve phenology monitoring and crop yield prediction and livestock projections.
  3. Assess the food supply predictions and risk assessment measures by socioeconomic ground validation.
  4. Authorize the use of CAMEOS information products through partnership building.

CAMEOS concepts are organized under three inter-connected impact oriented service packages.

  1. Technology package to increase the use of EO capabilities among the African stakeholders and support applications services on crop and livestock production at the national and regional level in the African continent. The technology package will be shared with partners to provide strong EO building blocks for EU-AU partnership.
  2. Accelerator package to foster participatory approaches for collecting relevant information and data for agribusiness development, taking advantage of mobile communication devices owned by African citizens. The package will take into account and build upon the widespread women’s engagement in agricultural production.
  3. Rollout package to enable implementation of CAMEOS concepts and encourage efficient agricultural production in Africa using EO assets made available through the Global Earth Observation System of System (GEOSS) and Copernicus.