Feminist theory reading group starts at AGORA

Are you interested in feminist theory and literature? Wish there were people to discuss and share thoughts with after reading an interesting book? Hoping to share your insights and/or confusion with other people and learn together?

If your answer is yes, we’ve got just what you need: A new AGORA reading group starts this month in collaboration with the Feminist Association Unioni. We welcome everyone interested in feminist theory and literature to join us!

The reading group, implemented in collaboration with the Feminist Association Unioni, focuses on feminist theory classics and books that have made an impact on feminist discourses. The reading group is open for everyone; No need for previous knowledge of feminist theory, academic background, or perfect English skills. The objective is to share thoughts and learn together in a casual environment. You don’t necessarily have to finish the book in order to participate but can join the discussion within your own resources. The discussion is facilitated by PhD researcher Saara Vainio and AGORA coordinator Inka Tähkä.

The group meets every second to last Tuesday of the month at the Maikki Friberg home (Bulevardi 11 A 1, Helsinki) at 18-20. In the future, the group will decide together on the books we will read. 

Meeting times and books in 2022:

Tuesday 24.5. Sara Ahmed: The cultural politics of emotion (2004) 
Tuesday 21.6. Judith Butler: Gender Trouble (1990)
Tuesday 19.7. Virginia Woolf: A room of one’s own (1929)
Tuesday 23.8. Book bell hooks’s Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center (1984)
Tuesday 20.9. Book TBA
Tuesday 18.10. Book TBA
Tuesday 22.11. Book TBA
Tuesday 20.12. Book TBA

Check out our 'Activities' to stay up to date on the reading group. For more info, contact Inka (inka.tahka(a)helsinki.fi) or Saara (saara.vainio(a)helsinki.fi). Please let us know in advance if you plan to join the meeting. 

You are warmly welcome!