The AGORA Centre’s research is located in the field of social sciences and humanities, including sociological, philosophical, cultural, feminist and inter- and multidisciplinary studies.

We aim to offer a forward looking research agenda, tackling the big questions of the future and how changes and pressures locally and globally impact society and its institutions, taking particular interest in knowledge formations, education, guidance, diverse populations, inequalities and understanding historical, social, political and economic processes in play.

The AGORA Centre’s research projects, research groups and –networks, and individual researchers are focused on the following:

  • social justice, equality, and democracy
  • globalisation and policy
  • welfare state reforms
  • privatisation and marketisation
  • network and precision governance
  • psychological, therapeutic and neuroliberal ethos
  • intersectionalities related to gender, race/racialisation, health, disability, sexuality and social class
  • critical pedagogies, democratic education and critically reflective guidance