AGORA researchers in the Suomi awarded Ruskeat tytöt-media's podcast series "Everyone's School?"

Postdoctoral researcher Tuuli Kurki and Professor Kristiina Brunila from the AGORA Centrehave visited the 2019 Suomi-awarded Ruskeat tytöt media's podcast series Kaikkien koulu? (transl. Everyone's School?), hosted and produced by teacher-freelance writer Mona Eid.

Ruskeat tytöt ry. is a Suomi-awarded institutionally nonaligned, politically and religiously independent, non-profit organization for Brown People by Brown People.  The mission of Ruskeat tytöt ry. is to broaden representations in the field of culture – especially media, literature, communications and advertising –, normalize stories told about us and by us, and to function as a platform for cultural professionals of color to realize their creative and meaningful projects.

Ruskeat tytöt have produced a podcast series Kaikkien koulu? (Everyone's School?) together with Radio Helsinki together. The podcast series explores the social and cultural structures and power hierarchies in Finnish schools and challenges the normative whiteness and middle-class of a Finnish school. The series brings together both well-researched knowledge and the experiences of ordinary people, and discusses equality of education from a poc (people of color) perspective. The series is hosted by a teacher-freelance writer Mona Eid.

AGORA researcher Tuuli Kurki visited the Kaikkien koulu? -podcast together with researcher Anna-Leena Riitaoja in autumn 2019. This podcast, "Othering structures of school", provides an overview, how schools in their cultures and practices reproduce social hierarchies and power structures. Tuuli discussed racism, racialization, and immigration on the basis of her own dissertation and ongoing research.

In the final section of podcast series, "Acts of power and societal of differenting should be better recognized in education", Professor Kristiina Brunila from AGORA was interviewed together with researcher Tuija Saresma. The podcast continued to reflect on the societal and structural aspects of education, particularly through critical and feminist pedagogy.