Human Mind in Changing World

Academy of Finland is supporting and strengthening strategic profiling of Finnish universities by providing competitive funding for plans targeted to improve conditions for high-quality, high-impact research. University of Helsinki managed to secure 10.5 M€ from the second profiling call (PROFI2) in 2016. In addition, the university is allocating a significant amount of core-funding into the selected profiling areas (estimate 40 M€ in 2017). This profiling exercise is a joint initiative between the faculties of Arts, Educational Sciences, Law, Medicine, Science, Social Sciences and Theology.

The grand theme for this call in University of Helsinki was "Human Mind in Changing World". This theme consists of five focus areas, which are:

  • Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities (HELDIG)
  • Learning in the Digital World (LEAD)
  • Global Law (GLAW)
  • Interdisciplinary Russian Studies (INTERRUS)
  • Behavioural Life Science (BLS)