Strategic research

On these pages you will get to know the strategic themes and development projects of research at the University of Helsinki, such as flagships and profile building areas.
Flagships and profile building areas

Research at the University of Helsinki is based on strong discipline-specific knowledge. This is a prerequisite for excellent multidisciplinary and thematic research.

In our Strategic Plan for 2021–2030, we have specified themes that inspire our research. The themes help us develop research, spurs collaboration between different actors and, at best, provide solutions to major global problems.

The strategic themes that we have chosen as a university are brought into practise e.g. in the Flagship Programme of the Finnish Academy and in our profile building areas.

In our research flagships, we use science to create future knowhow and sustainable solutions for the challenges of our society. In them, our researchers also create new business opportunities based on science.

In our profile building areas, bottom-up initiatives take the forms of research projects, networks and cooperation platforms as well as, possibly, new institutes or centres. Research done in these strengthens our research profile and supports multidisciplinary cooperation across borders between traditional fields.

Strategic themes that inspire our research

Our multidisciplinary university creates possibilities for cooperation between fields of science. During the strategy period 2021–2030, our research and teaching are inspired by four themes:

  • A meaningful life, human wellbeing and a healthy environment
  • A humane and fair world
  • A sustainable and viable future for our globe
  • A universe of ideas and opportunities

These themes will spur collaboration between fields and disciplines. They renew research and learning.

Collaboration will require insightful discipline-specific expertise, and interdisciplinary cooperation will lead to novel research directions.

The themes not only promote collaboration, but also inspire research and teaching that seek solutions to major global problems.

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