University of Helsinki Databank

Do you have data that are not in active research use and for which you cannot find a suitable storage location? The Databank of the University of Helsinki offers a location for 5 to 15 years for digital research datasets produced at the University. Research data are stored in the Databank in frozen form, which means that their content cannot be edited in the service.
When regular storage space is not enough

The Databank is a curated storage service that is also suited to large datasets. The service is not intended for the most sensitive datasets. The suitability of data is ensured in the service process.

In matters related to the Databank, please reach out to the University’s Data Support:

Careful preparation ensures preservation

In the case of data stored in the Databank, it is important to use persistent file formats, as the data preserved in the service are not curated during storage. In other words, file formats will not be updated in sync with software updates.

The service is free of charge to researchers.