Research materials and data

Ethically sustainable data collection methods and good management of research materials are part of good scientific practice. Research conducted at the University is based on controlled acquisition and use processes for research materials.

The University invests in the development of its research data management and support services for researchers and research groups. University’s Research Data Policy defines high-level principles regarding the collection, storing, use, and management of research data.

The University promotes open access to research data associated with published research results. Open access to the materials furthers the transparency of science. Evaluating the scientific reliability of conclusions made in the research becomes easier when the academic community can freely access and review the material it was based on.

The DataSupport service assists researchers in the management of research data. Researchers are offered tools, services, and training regarding the management, use, access to, and sharing of research data. Helsinki University Library’s Research Data Management –guide offers practical information about the topic.