Innovations, commercialisation projects and spinouts
The high-quality research conducted at the University of Helsinki and the innovations resulting from are of far-reaching benefit to the society. Competitive innovations, commercialisation projects, inventions and patents with global impact make research available to different sectors, and provide a range of collaboration opportunities. We serve as a growth medium for startups and spinoffs.

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Helsinki Innovation Services helps researchers turn their research results into commercial successes.

Helsinki Incubator Programmes

We offer opportunities for idea- and early-stage entrepreneurial solutions to grow in supportive environments across the university. We have both Pre-Incubator programmes that offer short, low-barrier of entry spaces for teams and individuals who want to hone their basic entrepreneurial competences, and Incubator Programmes aimed at teams who have already crystallised their idea and are ready to take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey.

We are working together with the City of Helsinki, the Helsinki Think Company, as well as the students, researchers, professors, staff members, and alumni of the University of Helsinki.

Commercialisation projects
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