The doctoral education system of the University of Helsinki consists of four doctoral schools and 32 doctoral programmes. New doctoral candidates apply doctoral programme membership at the same time as they apply postgraduate study right at the doctoral programme.

Page The Application Process in a Nutshell describes a general process of applying for a doctoral study right at the University of Helsinki. 

If you want to apply for a doctoral study right in the DoCS programme, you should

  1. have a master's degree (typically a MSc degree; see general rules of eligibility),
  2. find yourself a suitable supervisor within the programme who agrees to supervise you (see Supervision and Support team),
  3. agree on a study plan, a research proposal and a funding plan together with the found supervisor, 
  4. find yourself a support group (i.e., mentors; see Supervision and Support team), and
  5. submit an application to the DoCS programme via the online application system.

The application is then evaluated by the Board of the DoCS programme, after which the Dean of the Faculty of Science makes a decision on admission. 

Currently, the DoCS programme has annually four admission periods. During Academic year 2018-2019, the admission periods are as follows:

Admission period Letters of acceptance
to be sent by
Deadline for accepting the offer Study right begins
14.-27.9.2018 30.11.2018 14.12.2018 1.1.2019
1.-14.11.2018 31.1.2019 15.2.2019 1.3.2019
1.-14.2.2019 1.4.2019 15.4.2019 1.5.2019
2.-15.4.2019 14.6.2019 28.6.2019 1.8.2019

The applications, along with all the required additional documents, must be submitted by the end of the admission period, either online or by mail. The online application system closes at 3.00 PM (UTC+3 in September and April, and UTC+2 in November and February) on the last day of the admission period. 

See more detailed on Admission process in the DoCS programme

If you have general questions related to the admission, please, contact at In the programme-specific questions, please, contact the Research Coordinator of the Department of Computer Science (researchcoordinator(at)