Doc­toral Pro­gramme in His­tory and Cul­tural Her­it­age

History and cultural heritage are central themes of the programme. The thematic and interdisciplinary analysis of these themes ranges from historical change, memory and politics of history to the material, intangible, textual, oral, auditive and visual culture as well as to the built environment. History and culture are approached locally, regionally and globally, and the exploration covers a wide time-span from pre-historical times to the recent past and even the future.  Interdisciplinary humanistic perspectives (including archaeology, art history, European ethnology, folklore studies, history, study of religions) are combined with the approaches of education, law, and theology.

Did you know? In the University of Helsinki, there are three specialists in medieval studies who have received the prestigious ERC (European Research Council) Starting Grant: José Filipe Pereira da Silva (Philosophy, Faculty of Arts), Samu Niskanen (History, Faculty of Arts), and Jaakko Tahkokallio (National Library of Finland). And yes, you got it right, we are planning to set up a Centre for Medieval Studies!