Research data online

SmartSMEAR is a data visualization and download tool for continuous atmospheric, flux, soil and tree physiology measurements at the SMEAR stations.

You may search and download data from SMEAR I in Värriö here.

Recent measurement data from SMEAR I and other SMEAR stations you can find here.

Details on the various measurements conducted at the SMEAR I measuring station can be found in the SMEAR Wikispace here.

Observations on recent local and regional earthquakes recorded by the seismograph station In Värriö and elsewhere in Finland by the Finnish seismic network can be found here.

Nature observations and photos from the area since 2005 you can browse in Värriö Nature Diary.

The project 50 hectares of primeval forest connects art and science in the forests of Värriö. You may check out some of its outcomes here.

You may follow the seasonal changes in Värriö by checking the current pictures of the phenology cameras here. The cameras look at the pine canopy layer towards the Nuortti fell, the pine crowns and the ground surface. The cameras are a part of the Monimet project.

The current weather information, forecast and radar map you can check here.

Research groups

Several research groups work at the Värriö research station and surroundings. The following links take you to some of their webpages, where you can find information on their ongoing and past projects in Värriö and elsewhere:

Polar and Arctic Atmospheric Research (PANDA)

Forest Soil Science and Biogeochemistry (ForSoil)

Disturbances and Biogeochemistry

Boreal Forest Dynamics and Biodiversity Research Group (BoForDyn)

Ecosystem processes