Getting to the Station

Tvärminne Zoological Station is situated in the village of Tvärminne, a part of the City of Hanko, situated approx. 125 km southwest of the capital Helsinki.

By car

It is easy to get to the station by private car from Helsinki or Turku (125 km and 135 km respectively). 

Address for GPS navigator: J.A. Palménin tie 260, 10900 Hanko, Finland.

By train

TZS is accessible by train from Helsinki or Turku. Buy a ticket to either Hanko or Lappohja. If you come from Helsinki airport, first take the train towards Helsinki (trains in either direction are fine, since the airport track is a loop) and change at Pasila to the train towards Turku.

About one hour after leaving Helsinki (or Turku) you have to change trains at Karjaa. Take the local train to Hanko. As of 8th January 2024 the train service between Hanko and Karjaa is a VR commuter service. The H-train will also run to Helsinki three days a week. More information to be found at VR`s www-site (link below).

In Hanko you can book a taxi from the following numbers: Taxi Jessica tel. 0400 613 400, Menevä taxi tel. 0800 02120, Hangö Ula-Taxi tel. 019 106 910, Taxi FC HIK tel. 040 731 3999 or 040 197 6106. We recommend to book the taxi in advance.

There is also a train- and bus stop (but no taxi station) in Lappohja. From Lappohja the distance to TZS is 11 km.

  1. Main Building
  2. Researcher Accommodation (Rooms 200A, 200B, 201 - 212)
  3. Student Accommodation (Rooms 301 - 321)
  4. Service buildning / accommodation (Rooms 402 - 405)
  5. Pavillion (Rooms 517 - 527)
  6. Palmeniana
  7. Sjövilla
  8. Kohagsvilla
  9. Sauna
  10. Pier and Boat house
  11. Waste Disposal
  12. Steamboat jetty
  13. Nature trail
Shops and other services

Please note that Tvärminne Zoological Station is relatively remote and the nearest shops, post office, restaurants etc. are located in Hanko (18 km). If you arrive to the station by car you´ll pass the city of Ekenäs (a part of Raseborg), where you also can pic up supplies on your way.