Nature reserve

The area around Tvärminne Zoological Station is protected as a nature conservation area, which includes the sea and the seafloor, and where only activities related to research and education are allowed.
In the TZS nature reserve special rules apply

The area around TZS, including several islands, is protected as a nature conservation area.

  • In this area, sampling of material, berries, plants, or animals is not allowed without a permit. 
  • Fishing is prohibited.
  • Any form of moving should be limited only to marked tracks and visiting the islands is allowed only for research purposes. Also researchers visiting islands should avoid breeding islands during the bird-breeding season.

There are several nature reserves in the vicinity of TZS (e.g. Ekenäs archipelago national park and Henriksberg nature reserve) where moving and sampling is restricted. TZS has several neighbors and unnecessary visits to areas belonging to neighbors of the station should be also avoided. If you are planning to work on private land or water, you must have permission from the landowner.

More information about the nature reserves and research at the station is available through the research coordinator. Please consult the research coordinator first if you need any additional information, need a permit, plan any research in the area, or you must visit the islands.