Contact information for TZS

The acting director (from 1.1.2019) and administrative leader of TZS is Joanna Norkko and the scientific leader and professor of Baltic Sea research is Alf Norkko.

Jaana Koistinen is the Laboratory Chief at TZS. She is responsible for laboratory facilities, equipment and services.

Research Coordinator Joanna Norkko is responsible for aquarium facilities, nature reserve, and permits for field work.

Boats, boat permits, sampling and other equipment are administered by the technicians at TZS:

Service Coordinator Mariella Holstein-Myllyoja is responsible for seminar bookings.

  • Alf Norkko, professor
  • Aleksandra Lewandowska
  • Magnus Lindström
  • Anna Villnäs
  • Camilla Gustafsson
  • Matias Scheinin
  • Iván Franco Rodil
  • Eero Asmala
  • Laura Kauppi
  • Anna-Karin Almén

TZS is easily accessible by train from Helsinki or Turku. Buy a ticket to either Hanko or Lappohja. About one hour after leaving Helsinki or Turku you have to change at Karjaa. Take the local train to Hanko where there is a taxi station opposite the train- and bus station and wherefrom you can take a taxi to TZS (18 km). Phone number for taxi is 0100 7300. There is also a train- and bus stop in Lappohja, from which there is 11 km to TZS. It is also easy to get to TZS by private car from Helsinki or Turku (125 km and 135 km respectively).


Address for GPS navigator: J.A. Palménin tie 260, 10900 Hanko, Finland.

Please note that TZS is relatively remote and the nearest shops, post office, restaurants etc. are located in Hanko (18 km).

Please also note that the area around TZS is protected as a nature conservation area.