Helsinki Urban Rat Project

We share our cities with many animals but know quite little about them

Rats have lived with humans since the beginning of agriculture. Rats have also been studied by scientists in laboratories around the globe and we know quite lot about them. Nevertheless, we do not really know what they are doing when they live wild in city parks, sewers and tunnels, in their evolutionary new and ever-changing habitat. Our research project aims to uncover the spatio-temporal variation in rat populations, how rats share and spread parasites and pathogens and how humans feel and think about rats in urban setting.



I know this is annoying, but: I just got a batch of wild rat photos from an 80s landfill and they are so cute that……

This is what it looks like when everything is still possible and we're going to definitely bring rats and other ani……

Non-rat animals - opportunity or threat?

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We have our first rat camera trap videos and we're already quite convinced that hedgehod is the dumbest urban animal.