The von Wright and Wittgenstein Research Seminar
The seminar is held in association with the von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives (WWA) and the Swedish language study unit in Philosophy at the University of Helsinki. The working languages of the seminar are usually English and Swedish.
Schedule autumn 2022

The time is 4-6 pm and the venue is Foresthouse (Metsätalo 40 A) lecture hall 26.



Lars Hertzberg (prof. emer., Åbo Academy University):

- Presentation of Hertzberg's new book The Life We Live with Language (Anthem Press, 2022) with comments by Nora Hämäläinen and Fredrik Westerlund.


Heikki Patomäki (Professor of World Politics, Helsinki):

- The prevailing storyline about our place in cosmos: from a philosophical and methodological critique toward a rational alternative (a pragmatist and critical realist approach).


Thomas Wallgren (Professor of Philosophy, University of Helsinki):

- Karl-Otto Apel's and Jürgen Habermas's Wittgenstein


Lassi Jakola (PhD student, Helsinki):

- Georg Henrik von Wright's Wittgenstein


Wilhelm Krüger (WAB, University of Bergen)

- A presentation concerning Wittgenstein's Zettel-Typoskript (TS 233a,b)