The von Wright and Wittgenstein Research Seminar

The von Wright and Wittgenstein reseach seminar is co-organised by the philosophy unit and The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Helsinki. The seminar is open to scholars, to students at all levels and to all interested. The working language of the seminar is English unless otherwise announced.

The von Wright-Wittgenstein seminar is inspired by the legacy of the Finnish philosopher Georg Henrik von Wright (1916 - 2003) and his wide-ranging contributions to many areas of specialisation in philosophy, to inter- and trans-disciplinary research and to the diagnosis of our times. Hence, the programme will during each academic year typically include sessions on current issues in Wittgenstein scholarship, analytic philosophy and critical theory as well as on more general themes. Some sessions of the seminar are dedicated to issues related to archival research and development and to issues in digital humanities. In this field the seminar often addresses questions pertaining especially to Wittgenstein and von Wright scholarship and to the development of e-resources in cooperation with like-minded research units in Finland and globally.

Schedule autumn 2023

During the academic year 2023-2024 the sessions will take place Mondays from 16-18 (4-6 pm) in lecture hall 9, at the 3rd floor of Metsätalo, Unioninkatu 40, if not otherwise announced.

Monday September 18th 2023

Professor Jaakko Kuorikoski (Helsinki), "Factivity, Pluralism, and the Inferential Account of Scientific Understanding".

Monday September 25th

Book launch of The Creation of Wittgenstein (ed. Thomas Wallgren).

Monday October 2nd

University lecturer Rögnvaldur (Valdi) Ingthorsson (Helsinki), "The Dispute about Truth: What is it really about?

Friday October 27th

The director of the Blaise Pascal Internation Centre, professor Laurence Plazenet, will give a presentation on Pascal.

Time: 14-16 (2-4 pm)

Venue: University of Helsinki, Main Building, lecture hall U4072.

Wednesday November 8th

Book Launch seminar with Niklas Toivakainen (post-doctoral researcher, Åbo Akademi) on his new book Self, Other, and the Weight of Desire (Palgrave MacMillan, November 2023).

Time: 16-18 (4-6 pm)

Venue: TBC

Monday November 13th

Docent Niklas Forsberg (Pardubice), "Conceptual Change in Emotional Contexts".

Monday November 20th

Exploring Alternative Approaches in the Philosophy of Mind

- a workshop co-organised by the Mind and Matter research group and The von Wright and Wittgenstein seminar.

Time: 16-20 (4-8 pm)

Venue: TBC