Join the RESET kick-off event 7 May 2024

The RESET kick-off event presents the project both to the academic community and to a wider audience. The programme highlights the value of transdisciplinary research in tackling global socio-ecological challenges and in finding solutions that are just and sustainable.

Join us on 7 May for the kick-off event: morning keynote session at Porthania and the afternoon panel discussion and reception at Think Corner! Especially the afternoon is open to everyone interested in what transdisciplinary research has to offer to a more healthy, just, and sustainable world.

​​​​​​​The registration to both events is open until 26 April.

Morning keynote session - Porthania PIII 9:00 - 12:00

The session features keynote presentations by three prominent international scholars with wide experience in transdisciplinary research on pandemic preparedness, interactions between the human population and earth systems, and socio-ecological conflicts.


Professor Martin Beer, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut

From zoonotic to panzootic to pandemic

Professor Matti Kummu, Aalto University

Opportunities towards sustainable food future

Professor Kristina Lyons, University of Pennsylvania

When world(s) push back on our disciplinary assumptions: Towards decolonial social scientific praxis and more-than-human aspirations for justice

Afternoon panel discussion & reception - Think Corner 13:00 - 16:00

What transdisciplinary research has to offer to a more healthy, just, and sustainable world? 

The session invites wider audiences to think together what transdisciplinary research has to offer in terms of solutions for sustainable futures.


  • Professor Martin Beer, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut
  • Professor Matti Kummu, Aalto University
  • Knowledge broker Linda Lammensalo, Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
  • Professor Kristina Lyons, University of Pennsylvania
  • Program Director Ines Montalvao, Artists with Evidence

The discussion will be followed by a networking reception at Think Corner.

More information about the event and the speakers.

What is RESET?

RESET is a University of Helsinki profiling action seeking solutions to the major challenges of our time. These challenges, such as the deepening climate crisis with biodiversity loss and related impacts on health and welfare, and unevenly distributed and utilised resources including food and water, just to name a few, are complex and intertwined issues, which affect both the human and non-human species of our planet.

Finding solutions to these intersecting wicked challenges requires holistic action built on research-based knowledge to enable and guide much needed sustainability transformations. Generating such new knowledge, in turn, inevitably requires novel transdisciplinary collaboration across both life and social sciences as well as reach beyond academia.

RESET brings together eight faculties and HiLIFE to tackle the attested global socio-ecological challenges – and, importantly, to find solutions that are just and sustainable. 

Find out more on the RESET website