Kick-off event 7th May 2024

Research in action: Global challenges and multispecies justice - Launch of the RESET Project

The RESET kick-off event presents the project both to the academic community and to a wider audience. The programme highlights the value of transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research across academic disciplines and through knowledge co-production with stakeholders outside the academia.

Morning session at 9-12 am, Porthania PIII, features three keynote talks by prominent international guests who have strong experience in practicing transdisciplinarity and putting it in action:

  • Professor Martin Beer, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut. Health and Society.
  • Professor Matti Kummu, Aalto University. Water and food nexus.  
  • Professor Kristina Lyons, University of Pennsylvania. Multi-species justice & Decolonializing perspectives in social sciences. 

Afternoon session at 1-4 pm, Think Corner, targets wider audiences and aims at thinking together what transdisciplinary research has to offer in terms of solutions. The session will comprise a panel discussion (1-3 pm) and a reception (3-4 pm). 

Registration will be available through this website later this month. Please stay tuned!