Stakeholder dialogue: Older workers and digitalization

Hybrid event with online participation via Zoom, Thursday, January 12, 2023, 14:00 Norwegian/Swedish time, 15:00 Finnish time

Chatbots, Zoom and Smartphones – these are just some examples of the digital technologies that we are increasingly using at work. While these technologies promise greater productivity and new business opportunities to some, they may create challenges to others. Many are worried that especially older workers will have difficulties, which can marginalize them in the labour market. But are these worries founded? Are older workers indeed struggling with digital technologies more than others? And are there any winners and losers among the older workers? This event strives to answer these questions in a dialogue between researchers and stakeholders. Examples from the Nordics are presented, where the digitalization of work has already progressed especially far.


Impuls presentations from researchers:

  • Age- and workplace-differences in ICT difficulties at work (Katharina Herlofson, Tale Hellevik, & Per-Erik Solem, Oslo Metropolitan University)
  • Digitalization challenges among the older self-employed (Visa Rantanen, University of Helsinki)
  • Computer use and extended working lives (Kathrin Komp-Leukkunen, University of Helsinki)

Reactions from stakeholders:

  • Sergio Tavares, Frog Design/Capgemini Invent
  • Linda Hauge, Norwegian Center for Senior Policy
  • Nina Vaurula, Educraftor Oy

Option for questions and comments from all participants

The participation is free of charge. To register, please email Annika Heuer at

This event is part of the project “Older workers and the digitalization of work in the Nordic countries”, funded by the joint committee for Nordic research councils in the humanities and social sciences.