Older workers and the digitalization of work in the Nordic countries

Work in the Nordic countries is changing. It increasingly uses digital technologies. For example, meetings are held online and reports have to be written in software systems. Older people may struggle with this development, because it requires them to learn new digital skills. However, some digital solutions may also help them, allowing them to modify their work to accommodate possible health problems. This project organizes a series of three workshops in 2021 and 2022 to better understand their situation. The workshops take place across the Nordics, being organized by the project partners: the University of Helsinki (Finland), Linköping University (Sweden), and Norwegian Social Research (NOVA; Norway). Researchers, stakeholders, and the public are invited to join us!

Upcoming events

Upcoming open stakeholder event, Thursday, January 12, 2023. See the "events" tab for more information.

The workshop series is financed by the joint committee for Nordic research councils in the humanities and social sciences.