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SVT (Swedish, video and text: Världens största kartläggning av livet på jorden

Tirol heute (Austrian, in German, video): Erhebung zur Artenvielfalt

Extrakt (Swedish, text and pictures): Global jakt på nya arter

July 2024: Newsletter

Our twentieth newsletter has a submission update on the first joint LIFEPLAN publication, and links to all the published Lifeplan sampling protocols.

May 2024: Newsletter

Our nineteenth newsletter has a progress update on the first joint LIFEPLAN publication.

March 2024: Newsletter

Our eighteenth newsletter shares some recently published Lifeplan protocols.

January 2024: Newsletter

Our seventeenth newsletter reminds global teams about the details of the site switch during the New Year.

November 2023: Newsletter

Our sixteenth newsletter announces an upcoming joint publication, and how teams can make sure they are part of it.

September 2023: Newsletter

Our fifteenth newsletter reminds everyone about an important part of the soil sampling protocol.

July 2023: Newsletter

Our fourteenth newsletter has new information about Malaise traps.

May 2023: Newsletter and result reporting webinar

Our thirteenth newsletter announces a major sampling design change. The webinar "How to report results" presents a draft of a results report, and we discuss with teams what they would like to see in the report.


March 2023: Newsletter

Our twelfth newsletter announces our next webinar in May.

January 2023: Newsletter

Our eleventh newsletter announces a change to the soil sampling protocol and a new publication.

November 2022: Newsletter

Our tenth newsletter announces a major website update.

September 2022: Newsletter

Our ninth newsletter on our annual meeting in Finland and what next steps we talked about.

July 2022: Newsletter

Our eighth newsletter came with some good news and bad news.

May 2022: Newsletter and interim results webinar

Our eighth newsletter announces our upcoming webinar and updates progress on sample analysis. The interim results webinar presents progress with audio analysis, statistical mathematics and field work.


March 2022: Newsletter

Our seventh newsletter announces a revised soil sampling protocol.

January 2022: Newsletter

Our sixth Newsletter comes as we finish the first sampling year.


November 2021: Newsletter and DNA seq webinar

Our fifth newsletter reports on ongoing progress, and the DNA seq webinar explains part of what we are doing with all the data that the teams are collecting.


September 2021: Newsletter

Our fourth Newsletter describes the startup phase starting to gradually turn into the running phase, including our in-house sampling in Sweden and Madagascar.

July 2021: Newsletter

Our third newsletter lists several updates to the sampling regime.

May 2021: Newsletter

Our second newsletter describes the continuing ramp-up phase and updates to the sampling protocol

March 2021: Newsletter and Startup webinar
LIFEPLAN awarded ERC Synergy funding

LIFEPLAN, the project led by Professor Otso Ovaskainen, is the second recipient in Finland of the highly competitive Synergy funding from the European Research Council ERC. The purpose of this six-year, 12.6 million euro project is to map global biodiversity with scientific tools. At the same time the researchers will be working to understand the effects of climate change and land use on biodiversity.

Global biodiversity to be mapped with the help of specialized automated equipment and statistical mathematics (UH news)

Life on earth to be mapped in huge EU project (SLU news)