LIFEPLAN global sampling plan


2. LIFEPLAN involves sampling around the world. We are looking for teams willing to run sampling stations comprising five different methods and target taxa: 1) airborne spores of fungi (and possibly pollen and bacteria) are sampled with a cyclone sampler (identical to the one used in the GSSP project), 2) fungi (and possibly other micro-organisms) are sampled from soil-samples, 3) insects are sampled with a tent-like Malaise trap, 4) mammals are sampled with camera traps, and 5) birds and other vocal organisms are sampled with audio recorders. By automated species identification pipelines, the resulting massive data are then converted to observations of what species occur where and when. In addition, we will conduct hierarchical sampling in the Nordic counties and in Madagascar (black squares), with 25 sampling sites in each. Note that the locations of dots represent the kind of even coverage we are aiming for: the actual locations of the sampling sites will depend on where you sign up as collaborators.