Our multidisciplinary research team is represented by members from different faculties from the University of Helsinki and from Hanken School of Economics. All participants are experts in their fields with a strong background in university pedagogy.
Sebastian Godenhjelm

Sebastian Godenhjelm is a political scientist and University Lecturer at the Swedish School of Social Science (SSKH). His research interests and publications concern temporary governance instruments, public sector project innovation, experimental governance, collaboration and stakeholder management. 

Godenhjelm´s teaching relates mainly to administrative politics and interactive governance, as well as project management. He also teaches in, and coordinates, the thematic syllabus on leadership, which involves six different programs at the University of Helsinki as well as the Open University.

Tommy Ahlgren

Tommy Ahlgren works as a University Lecturer at the Department of Physics at the University of Helsinki. As a lecturer, he has taught more than 400 credits at more than 80 courses of which 19 are different courses, including high-level courses Analytical Mechanics, Scientific Computing III, and Quantum Mechanics.

He does experimental research and simulations in the field of material physics, and his current research is focused on fusion first wall materials. He is a member of the Materials- and Nanophysics Researcher Community (MATENA).

Solveig Cornér

Solveig Cornér is Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Sciences. She works as Postdoctoral researcher in the the Programme for Teacher Education in Swedish/Faculty of Education. She has advanced experience in Higher Education, both as a researcher, teacher and international expert in quality assurance. She has been appointed as an expert in auditing/accreditation panels for quality assurance systems in Finland, Norway and Denmark 2009-2021. Solveig’s area of research expertise involves university pedagogy with focus on development of supervision practices from a systemic perspective. Solveigs special interests lies within well-being, research on teacher education and doctoral education. Her skills as a researcher lies within mixed methods. 

She has school leader (rector) qualification in elementary and lower secondary schools in Finland and she is a qualified virtue trainer in research ethics and integrity for upholding the principles of the European Code of Conduct.  


Monica Londen

Monica Londen is a University Lecturer in Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Her research interests include university pedagogy, first year experience, positive education, study skills and learning, as well as diversity in education. Her current research is focused on the experiences of distance learning among university students as well as on the effects of the pandemic on students’ self-regulated learning and study motivation. She is a member of the NERA board (Nordic Educational Research Association). 

Nina Peitsaro

Nina Peitsaro is a University Lecturer in biomedical subjects at the Faculty of Medicine and the director of the Flow cytometry unit at the University of Helsinki. Nina has a long teaching experience at the university and is acknowledged as an inspiring teacher who values the well-being of the students.  

Her interests in the field of teaching lies in developing the learning experiences, assessments, and student well-being. As leader of a university research infrastructure, the development of infrastructures and their management is also close to her heart.


Sofia Stolt

PhD Sofia Stolt is the Director of Langauge and Business Communication at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki and a university lecturer in Swedish. Sofia is acknowledged as excellent teacher and her research focus on Swedish and didactics, feedback, assessment, public management, and education management.