Study protocol

Patients are recruited to the IHD-EPITRAN study from four cohorts: (1) IHD patients with acute myocardial infarctions undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention and revascularization, (2) IHD patients with stable IHD undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting surgery, (3) controls without coronary obstructions undergoing valve replacement surgery due to aortic stenosis and (4) controls with healthy coronaries verified by coronary computed tomography angiogram.

The abundance and distribution of blood RNAs’ m6A and A-to-I editing profiles are charted utilising a combinatory approach including quantitative mass spectrometry and DNA/RNA sequencing. These measurements are considered in reference to analysis of selected other modified nucleosides as well as candidate biomarkers for IHD and heart failure.

The IHD-EPITRAN Study is registered in the registry under the identifier NCT04533282.