Publications from the GIDPROvis project

GIDPROvis Technology Catalogue


"Ion density of positive and negative ions at ambient pressure in air at 12–136 mm from 4.9 kV soft x-ray source"

Osmo Anttalainen, Elie Lattouf, Tapio Kotiaho, and Gary Eiceman

Review of Scientific Instruments 92, 054104 (2021);


"Parametric Sensitivity in a Generalized Model for Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Reactions"

Elie Lattouf, Osmo Anttalainen, Tapio Kotiaho, Hanna Hakulinen, Paula Vanninen, and Gary Eiceman

J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 32, 2218 (2021);

Mathematical models were developed using Matlab, files are downloadable and located on Jottacloud at:


Resistive High-Voltage Probe with Frequency Compensation by Planar Compensation Electrode Integrated in Printed Circuit Board Design

Jonas Winkelholz, Moriz Hitzemann, Alexander Nitschke, Anne Zygmanowski, and Stefan Zimmermann 

Electronics, 11, 3446 (2022);


“Quantitative Distributions of Product Ions and Reaction Times with a Binary Mixture of VOCs in Ambient Pressure Chemical Ionization”

Elie Lattouf, Osmo Anttalainen, Oliver Hecht, Bert Ungethuem, Tapio Kotiaho, Hanna Hakulinen, Paula Vanninen, and Gary Eiceman

J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 34,1768 (2023);


“A Highly Efficient Ion Manipulator for Tandem Ion Mobility Spectrometry – Exploring a Versatile Technique by a Study of Primary Alcohols”

Alexander Bohnhorst, Anne Zygmanowski, Yu Yin, Ansgar T. Kirk, and Stefan Zimmermann

Anal. Chem., 95, 7158 (2023);


“Computational Analysis of an Electrostatic Separator Design for Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds from Indoor Air" 

Osmo Anttalainen, Elie Lattouf, Paula Vanninen, Hanna Hakulinen, Tapio Kotiaho, and Gary Eiceman

J. Air Waste Manag. Assoc., Accepted (2023), Pre-print DOI:


"Safe City: A Study of Channels for Public Warnings for Emergency Communication in Finland, Germany, and Greece"

Sari Yli-Kauhaluoma, Milt Statheropoulos, Anne Zygmanowski, Osmo Anttalainen, Hanna Hakulinen, Maria Theodora Kontogianni, Matti Kuula, Johannes Pernaa, and Paula Vanninen

Multimodal Technol. Interact., 7, 94 (2023);



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