The principles for a safer space

We wish to make the conferment festivities safe and pleasant for everyone involved. The principles for a safer space are guidelines for collaboratively establishing an atmosphere where everyone is respected and valued.

The principles apply to all conferment festivities, and each participant is expected to comply with them. Neglect or breach of the principles can result in removal from the festivities. Ritva Palmén and Heikki Pesonen, members of the conferment committee, serve as harassment contact persons in all conferment-related events. 

No harassment, racism, discrimination or other inappropriate behaviour is permitted in the conferment festivities. 

Encounter others openly as they are. We all have assumptions and prejudices about other people. Try to identify the assumptions you make and take into consideration the diversity of people. Listen, give space and let each individual define their identity and experiences for themselves. 

Recognise your privileges. These are benefits individuals gain by belonging to certain social groups. Privileges relate to, for example, gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, class, language, health and religion. Even if you feel safe and accepted, it does not mean everyone else does. If you are comfortable, use your comfort to create a safe atmosphere for everyone.  

Respect the physical and mental integrity of others. No means no. Do not harass anyone verbally, or by touching or staring. Change your behaviour or stop if asked to do so.  

If you witness or experience inappropriate behaviour, intervene in the situation or notify the harassment contact persons of the conferment ceremony.  

If you violate or are notified that you are violating the principles for a safer space, apologise. Everyone makes mistakes. If necessary, correct your personal behaviour. Be understanding of the mistakes of others and try to settle conflicts with the relevant parties, whenever possible. 

Each of us is responsible for making everyone feel comfortable and safe. Through your own actions, establish an open, respectful and safe atmosphere.