About the project

This project engages with the emergence of more climate sustainable plant-based foods in everyday diets as a form of cultural change.

We examine this phenomenon in a variety of contexts, including lunch canteens, households, media discussions and policy making. The project is interdisciplinary, approaching the topic from feminist, sociological and environmental sciences perspectives. In addition, we cooperate closely with NGOs and activists working in promoting sustainability and veganism.

We examine food practices as a question which requires intersectional analysis. This involves paying attention to various categories of difference, including gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class as well as species in the contexts of food production and consumption.

In this project our academic research focuses on 1) bodily affects and power relations negotiated in the processes of becoming vegan, 2) cultural negotiations on climate sustainable vegan food in social media and in other media, 3) institutional constraints and possibilities related to promoting climate sustainable food practices. On the practical side, based on cooperation with NGOS and activists, we develop tools to improve the availability of sustainable vegan foods in public catering and lunch canteens. The project develops 30 climate sustainable vegan recipes for lunch restaurants in Finland and it will also challenge and encourage lunch restaurants and public catering companies to provide climate sustainable vegan meals for their customers.

The project is funded by Kone Foundation and carried out in the Gender Studies unit at the University of Helsinki in 2018-2021.

Project at facebook: Climate Sustainability in the Kitchen