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Raili Hildén

Associate Professor

University of Helsinki

My role is the leader of the consortium, and I am also in charge of the pedagogical and language assessment related components of the endeavor. My duties further include maintaining contacts with the collaborators. 

Expertise: language pedagogy, language teaching, language assessment, teacher study, teacher education, oral language skills, social impact of assessments, learner autonomy

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Mikko Kurimo


Aalto University

My research interests include machine learning in speech and language technology such as speech recognition, synthesis, retrieval, translation, and assessment of language skills. My role is to lead speech technology research and connect with the other related projects in my research group at Aalto university. In the field of speech and language processing, Aalto university's research results have been widely utilized via our open source tools and data, e.g., Morfessor, VariKN, TheanoLM, AaltoASR, DSPCon, WebCon, Finnish Parliament speech corpus, and Lahjoita puhetta.

Expertise: speech recognition, speech and language processing, language technology, machine learning

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Mikko Kuronen

Senior Lecturer

University of Jyväskylä

In the project, I contribute to the phonetic analyses of the L2 data and study the underlying phonetic components which are relevant in spoken L2 assessment. I will also contribute to the training of teachers to do rating of learners’ speaking performances.

Expertise: Phonetics, phonology, pronunciation assessment, listener ratings

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Ari Huhta


University of Jyväskylä

My research interests include assessments that support learning (e.g., diagnostic and formative assessment), self-assessment and feedback, assessing and rating writing, computer-based assessment, and combining second language acquisition research and language testing perspectives in research.

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Anna von Zansen

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Helsinki

My work focuses on the pedagogic part of the research project. I work with the teachers, language learners and human raters. I prepare materials needed for data collection and make sure that the tasks and scales function. My research focuses on L2 Finnish speakers' nonverbal communication and visual cues such as head movements, gestures, gaze and facial expressions.

Expertise: computer-assisted language testing, educational technology, language assessment, Many-facet Rasch measurement, nonverbal visual cues

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Maria Kautonen

Postdoctoral researcher

University of Jyväskylä

My work in the project focuses on the analysis of interactional phonetics and prosodic features in L2 Finnish speakers' interaction.

Expertise: L2 pronunciation, assessment of spoken language, interactional phonetics

Ragheb Al-Ghezi

Doctoral Candidate

Aalto University

My role is to devise and adapt approaches of L2 speaking proficiency assessment by automatically evaluating L2 learners' pronunciation, lexical and grammatical skills using state-of-the-art NLP techniques.

Expertise: natural language processing, automatic speech recognition, second language assessment, CEFR scale

Yaroslav Getman

Doctoral Candidate

Aalto University

My work in the project is related to the development of automatic speech recognition and automatic assessment of language skills.

Expertise: automatic speech recognition, natural language processing

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Nhan Phan

Doctoral Candidate

Aalto University

My research focuses on developing practical language learning applications using the latest speech and language technologies. This includes L2 pronunciation practice, self-study speaking tasks and interactive spoken dialogues.

Expertise: automatic speech recognition, computer-assisted language learning

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Ekaterina Voskoboinik

Doctoral Candidate

Aalto University

Sanna Lun

Master’s thesis worker

Aalto University

My thesis looks into optimizing existing datasets to enhance model performance for automatic speech recognition and automated speaking assessment systems. Methods explored include data augmentation, data resampling and curriculum learning.

Maikki Heijala

Master's thesis worker

University of Helsinki

My thesis deals with conceptualisation of the online tool.

Expertise: teaching and learning, Finnish language, computer science 

Ilona Lähteenmäki

Research Assistant

University of Helsinki

I work as a research assistant on the project. I assist with data collection, analysis and reporting, as well as with administrative and publishing-related tasks.


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