New professors

Our professors explore the world and life from a wide range of perspectives. Newly appointed professors are celebrated at the university twice a year: usually in May and in December. As they take up their new role, each professor holds a public inaugural lecture. 

The next professorial lectures will be held virtually on from 30 November to 4 December 2020, during New professors’ week. Each lecture lasts roughly 15 minutes and focuses on the professors’ research topics, which range from memory disorders and statistical methods in economics to political participation.

Follow New professors’ week on YouTube.

Monday, 30 November, at 2 pm: 
Niku Määttänen, professor of macroeconomics
Katharina Kunter, professor of contemporary church history specifically in the Nordic countries and Europe
Tuesday, 1 December, at 2 pm: 
Ilkka Helenius, professor of orthopaedics and traumatology
Kari Pulkki, professor of clinical chemistry
Wednesday, 2 December, at 2 pm: 
Tuuli Toivonen, professor of geoinformatics
Maija Aksela, professor of science education

Thursday, 3 December, at 2 pm: 
Patrik Finne, professor of nephrology
Perttu Arkkila), professor of gastroenterology

Friday, 4 December, at 2 pm:
Marko Virta, professor of microbiology
Helder Almeida Santos, professor of pharmaceutical nanotechnology

Please join us at the inaugural lectures on the University of Helsinki YouTube channel from 30 November to 4 December!

Usually, newly appointed professors are celebrated through inaugural lectures, which take place during a single day and are popular public presentations of the professors’ fields and personal research topics. Normally, each lecture lasts 20 minutes, and audience members have the opportunity to move from one lecture venue to another between lectures.