Researchers specialised in equality

This list of researchers is not comprehensive, but simply an overview. You can find contact details for all the University of Helsinki staff in our People Finder, and our Research Portal includes even more detailed information about e.g. our researchers' publications and fields of specialisation.

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Kristiina Brunila

  • education and society, social justice, equality, diversity, education policy, transition of young people, equality work, marketisation

Anne Holli

  • gender and politics, democracy, policy preparation, political institutions, equality policy 

Elina Ikävalko

  • equality planning, educational institutions, education, equality policy, Act on Equality between Women and Men, Non-Discrimination Act

Marjut Jyrkinen

  • professional life, careers, women in executive management positions, management and organisations, gender-based age discrimination, intersectionality, gender-based violence 

Mira Karjalainen

  • professional life, blurring boundaries of work, organisations, emotional labour, aesthetic labour

Jukka Lehtonen

  • diversity of gender and sexuality in education and professional life

Harry Lunabba

  • children and adolescents, gender, boys, masculinity, social work and social services, child protection, student welfare services

Liisa Nieminen

  • fundamental and human rights, discrimination, positive action, National Non-Discrimination and Equality Tribunal of Finland, legislation concerning reproduction (abortion, assisted reproduction techniques, surrogate motherhood, Maternity Act) 

Elina Oinas

  • gender health, education, science, feminism, Africa, development

Elina Penttinen

  • gender and violence, gender-based violence, sexualised violence, international crisis management, comprehensive security, global political economy, gender-mainstreaming, gender impact assessment

Jan Wickman

  • masculinity and corporeality, media representations of masculinity, metrosexuality, male athletes, gender diversity, queer