Experts in themes associated with the presidential election

This page lists University of Helsinki researchers available for commenting on themes related to the presidential election in Finland.

Jari Eloranta (Finnish, English)

NATO, military expenditure, welfare state, Russian economy, public debt

Minna van Gerven (Finnish, English, Dutch)

Social integration in Europe, EU social policy, social Europe, welfare state, values in social policy

Janne I. Hukkinen (Finnish, English, Swedish, French)

Sustainable development, multi-crisis management, environmental policy, preparedness for environmental crises

Ari-Elmeri Hyvönen (Finnish, English)

Crisis tolerance, disinformation, conspiracy theories

Timo Miettinen (Finnish, English)

EU policy

Elina Pekkarinen (Finnish, Swedish, English)

Children’s rights, status and wellbeing, children as citizens

Antti Ronkainen (Finnish, English)

Economic policy

Eerik Soares Mantere (Finnish, English, French, Portuguese)

Ethnic equality, internationalism, artificial intelligence, social media, identity

Teivo Teivainen (Finnish, Spanish, English, Portuguese)

Foreign policy, human rights, rule of law, economic policy

Veikko Eranti (Finnish, English)

Election campaigning, particularly the presidential campaigns of Pekka Haavisto, social media in elections, general themes, urban policy

Theodora Helimäki (Finnish, English)

Voting behaviour, voter turnout, electoral system, nomination of candidates, strategic voting, use of information in voting decisions, ideologies

Jenni Karimäki (Finnish, English)

Nomination of candidates, presidential institution and history of presidential elections, political issues, parties and ideologies

Salla-Maaria Laaksonen (Finnish, English)

Social media, lobbying ahead of elections, role of social media platforms, digital activism

Hannu Lahtinen (Finnish, English)

Voter turnout, demographic differences in participation

Eeva Luhtakallio (Finnish, English, French)

Social media from the perspective of visuality, politics of images, election campaigns on social media, images and gender

Emilia Palonen (Finnish, English)

Political discourses and dynamics, populism

Essi Pöyry (Finnish, English)

Political communications, election campaigning, social media

Hanna Reinikainen (Finnish, English)

Utilising social media influencers in election campaigns

Åsa von Schoultz (Swedish, English)

Voting behaviour, voter turnout, candidate competition, values, voters’ choice of candidate, Swedish-speaking voters

Johanna Vuorelma (Finnish, English)

Election campaigns, political rhetoric, foreign policy, political issues

Hanna Wass (Finnish, English)

Nomination of candidates, election campaigns, political issues, voters’ criteria for candidate selection, democratic harassment, voter turnout

Kati Katajisto (Finnish, English)

The history of presidential spouses (role and significance) and the presidential institution

Aura Kostiainen (Finnish, English, Swedish)

Historical powers of the president, particularly under non-military exceptional circumstances (emergency laws, authority to issue decrees) 

Tuomas Ojanen

Constitution of Finland, presidential powers, international human rights and EU law