Experts on Europe and the European Union

This list of researchers is not comprehensive, but simply an overview. You can find contact details for all the University of Helsinki staff in our People Finder, and our Research Portal includes even more detailed information about e.g. our researchers' publications and fields of specialisation.

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Professor Juha Raitio (Finnish, English)

Professor Päivi Leino-Sandberg (Finnish, Swedish, English)

  • EU treaties and bodies, EU decision-making, Economic and Monetary Union, European Administrative Law
  • phone +35850 576 1575

Professor Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo (Finnish, Swedish, English)

  • Legal theory, EU-lawm Constitutional law, Political Theory
  • phone. 050 4482730
  • susanna.lindroos(at)

University Lecturer of Church History Mikko Ketola (Finnish, English)

  • EU & tolerance, religions, extremist movements, the Catholic Church, the churches of Ukraine, anti-Semitism
  • phone +35850 318 545

University Lecturer of Theological and Social Ethics Virpi Mäkinen (Finnish, English)

Professor of Political Science Hanna Wass (Finnish, English)

Doctoral Student Laura Nordström (Finnish, English, French)

  • The European Parliament, EU lobbying, theory of power and knowledge, interest groups, think tanks, European debt and banking crisis, relations between EU institutions, democracy, openness
  • phone +35850 367 6671

Doctoral Student Antti Ronkainen (Finnish, English)

Postdoctoral Researcher Rūta Kazlauskaitė (English)

  • Poland, elections of the European Parliament in Poland, right-wing populism in Poland, emotions in media mobilization

Professor Niklas Jensen-Eriksen (Finnish, English)

Professor of European History Laura Kolbe (Finnish, Swedish, English)

  • European ideas and identities, cities, political movement, national ideas, social movements, cultural heritage, history politics
  • phone +35850 318 2799

Associate Professor Kristiina Brunila (Finnish, English)

Doctoral Student Ameera Masoud (English)

  • Integration training, education, employability, refugees and immigrants, equality
  • phone +35850 311 5763
Experts of the Centre of Excellence of Law, Identity and European Narratives (EuroStorie)

Director of EuroStorie Kaius Tuori (Finnish, English)

  • Associate Professor of European Intellectual History
  • history, history politics, identity, justice and its history, antiquity and its aftermath
  • phone +35850 448 2564

Vice Director of EuroStorie Reetta Toivanen (Finnish, Swedish, English)

  • Professor of Sustainability Science at the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS)
  • sustainable development, the youth’s point of view, refugees, minorities, human rights from a non-lawyer point of view, immigration, mandatory Swedish studies in Finnish schools, regional minorities, the Sami
  • phone +35850 318 5281

Vice Director of EuroStorie Pamela Slotte (Swedish, English, Finnish, German)

  • University researcher, Associate Professor at Åbo Akademi University
  • freedom of religion and conscience, the history and theory of human rights

University Researcher Timo Miettinen (Finnish, English)

  • EU, Europe, European politics, the EU countries’ national politics, European ideas and narratives, European history, EU’s economic politics, European ideologies
  • phone +35850 318 2159

University Researcher Jacob Giltaij (English)

  • human rights issues in a historical perspective, refugee research, refugee researchers, the roots of identity politics
  • phone +35850 416 0505

Postdoctoral Researcher Elisa Pascucci (English)

Postdoctoral Researcher Pedro Magalhães (English)

  • political philosophy, especially German modern political thinking, current political situation in Southern Europe and Germany
  • phone +351 91211 11425

Postdoctoral Researcher Paolo Amorosa (English)

  • international law and politics, human rights, international institutions from a current and a historical perspective, especially in an American and Italian context
  • phone +35850 448 8854

Postdoctoral Researcher Ville Erkkilä (Finnish, English)

Doctoral Student Laura Sumari (Finnish, English)

  • immigration, refugees and the safety and insecurity of people and their experiences, the feeling of being safe
  • phone +35850 448 8913

Doctoral Student Mehrnoos Farzamfar (English)

Doctoral Student Tuukka Brunila (Finnish, English)